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I'm Dr. M

Public Speaker, Social Media Influencer, Crystal Healer, and Mystic Entrepreneur.

I have a Doctorate in Business with a Concentration in Marketing.  I'm a creative mind rather than a transactional mind.

I have been in digital marketing communications for the past 25+ years and also in Academia.  I'm a proud faculty member at Miami Dade College.

It is now time to devote to my true passions Public Speaking and Crystal Healing.

Welcome to my site, is a work in progress.


Elia Galban

"Marifé and I have had the opportunity to collaborate with each other, and I know from my own experience that she is in love with the idea that personal growth and progress are always possible. She is passionate about teaching, inspiring others, and living to your full potential. I have learned a lot from Marifé and I know you will too."

Gisela Santiago.webp

Gisela Santiago

"In a point of my life when I was feeling confuse and all over the place about how to make the next steps to develop my professional services, Marifé really listen to me and to what my vision was, giving me the guidance and support to develop my entrepreneur skills and full confidence in my business."


Coralis Gonzalez

Marifé's Acronimym by Coralis González


Marvelous human being above all 

Animal lover and earth friendly  

Ready for every challenge in life and work 

Intelligent Puertorrican visionary 

Faith and passion in everything Marifé does 

Extraordinary professional woman , team worker and  strategic mind 


"Thank you Marifé for being a extraordinary business partner for CG! Strategic Brand Activation"

Topics to Help You Grow your Business

Grow Your Vision

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